A spooky experience for all...

Haunted house junkies are looking for something very special. And by special we mean an extreme adrenaline rush. Sure, there are venues that are designed to make your heart race, your skin crawl and your knees buckle. But we realize that this kind of experience is just not enough for you. You want much more. And we don't blame you. So, our recommendation to you is to be on the lookout in the Charleston area for a haunted house that pushes the boundaries to the absolute highest intensity possible. This usually means looking for a place where you will need to sign a waver. There are a number of elements normally included in these extreme haunted houses that will have you screaming long after you have made it out. Did we mention that your experience will be so intense that the venue has to provide you with a safe word just in case you reach the point where you cannot take anymore. Just for fun, we have included a few more elements that are worth looking for as you search for the fright of your life.

We believe a night of fear can be a lot more interesting when the situations provided are interactive and connect you with well known demented stories from the past. For instance, some haunted houses will act out tableaus based on the acts of people like Ted Bundy, Lizzie Bordon or Jeffrey Dahmer just to name a few. Let's face it, everyone knows these stories and it allows your walk-through to be more personal and to bring something to life inside of you that you do not even understand yourself. This also introduces more of a professional angle to your experience as opposed to the usual lets have someone jump out from a dark corner. Have you ever had an experience in a haunted house where you honestly had to throw up as every fiber in your being was turned upside down? Well, prepare for that possibility.

One of the elements that is absolutely essential if your fearful experience is to send you over the edge is to find a venue that believes in full contact with the guests. There are places where, with your consent, the actors will pick you up and throw you over their shoulder while they spin you around. Or what about a venue that subjects you to electric shocks or a fire-breathing clown that bites your ear? Being knocked down and dragged into the darkness is certainly not your regular experience at a haunted house. Do you have a fetish for being tortured, you can find that as well. Maybe you are more into psychological torture where some of your personal fears and phobias are used to break you down to a complete babbling victim. There are actual haunted houses where you have your head crammed into a cage full of snakes. In many of these experiences, nothing is hidden anymore. Right in front of you could be at any given time nudity, sensory deprivation, disgusting things and much more. Disorientation is always a huge factor as well. Think about this. Having a flashlight held in your eyes for a minute only to then be left in the dark and while still disoriented and not knowing what is real and not real, someone sneaks up from behind and bear hugs you. Have we talked about history yet? It is a very nice added touch if the venue that you end up going to has had some sort of unfortunate incident or more take place there at some point in the past. A great example of this would be an abandoned mental institution that was known for mistreating and abusing inmates. This kind of backdrop only adds to the intensity of your experience. Well, we have said enough at this point. We now send you out into the night looking for some of the elements we have discussed here. We hope you find yourself in a haunted experience like you have never been to before.

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